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Scottish Dancing in the South West is very active with over 40 clubs & 7 R.S.C.D.S branches. Classes are run by experienced teachers with regular dances organised by the clubs & the branches. Many of the dances have live Scottish Country Dance bands and are enjoyed by people from all over the region.

The Carswellian aims to provide up to date information on the local scene together with dance information and articles of interest to dancers.

Origins of The Carswellian


The Carswellian magazine was founded in 1977 by Eddie Hutchings, an energetic and enthusiastic Scottish Country Dancer living in the village of Kingskerswell, South Devon.

It's purpose was spelt out in Eddie's own words in the Editorial of the first issue, published in October 1977:

I have thought for a long time there has been a definite need for getting "early information of events taking place" to you - the dancer - and I believe that by using "The Carswellian" as a means of communication, this objective can be achieved. Distance-wise we may be many miles apart but I think this little publication can bring our Scottish Country Dance 'family' closer together.

The publication, which started as a four page bulletin sent to a few clubs in Devon & Cornwall, has proved extremely popular and now, with an average of 20 pages and published 5 times yearly, is sent all over the country.

What's in a Name?

In a letter to the magazine celebrating it's 25 years, Eddie Hutchings explains:

In September 1976 eight people who were interested in Scottish Country Dancing together with Phil, my wife, and myself, met in a room under the Public Hall, Kingskerswell. On that night we were uncertain of a future but enthusiasm was high and we decided to meet again. The news of our activity quickly spread and more joined in and we decided to 'make a go of it'. What should we call ourselves? Various names were thought of and discarded; then Phil had a book from the library in which it said that "CARSWELLA" was the old Saxon name for Kingskerswell - no more thought, our decision was made and so "CARSWELLA SCOTTISH COUNTRY DANCERS" was formed.

From this class the need for information and communication was identified and hence "THE CARSWELLIAN" was born.


The badge used on the front cover of the magazine is that of Carswella Scottish Country Dancers and was designed by Laurie Corbin, a member of the group. It was first introduced on Issue 10, and has been used ever since.

Eddie Hutchings produced and edited the magazine for 93 issues (over 18 years) and only passed over editorship when he reached octogenarian status!

The editorship was then taken over, somewhat apprehensively, by Felicity Hooper in January 1996. After all Eddie is a hard act to follow!