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Scottish Dancing in the South West is very active with over 40 clubs & 7 R.S.C.D.S branches. Classes are run by experienced teachers with regular dances organised by the clubs & the branches. Many of the dances have live Scottish Country Dance bands and are enjoyed by people from all over the region.

The Carswellian aims to provide up to date information on the local scene together with dance information and articles of interest to dancers.

About Us


The Carswellian is a magazine designed to publicise information about Scottish Country Dancing. It gives information about dance events, primarily in the South West, together with dance programs, weekly classes, contact names and addresses for dancing groups, letters and articles of interest to dancers.


It is produced on a shoestring budget and issued 5 times a year - copies coming out at the beginning of October, December, February, April & July.


The annual subscription, payable in January, is 10.00, by cheque, made payable to "Felicity Hooper".

Any information for publication in an issue should be sent to the editor by the 10th of the previous month.

Clubs who subscribe to the magazine may advertise their dances free of charge. Other advertisements by arrangement with the editor.

For further information or to subscribe, please contact:

Felicity Hooper
Fay Road,
EX7 9JH.